Who we are

We, the initiators of the call for life income and its signatories form a joint of citizens independant from any political party or group of opinion.
This joint has no other goal but to promote this call and to amplify the voices of all experts, isolated activists, or members of associations (cf. Wikipedia) who have long worked, in France or elsewhere, for the introduction of some kind of unconditionnal lifelong income (see international monitoring).

The French version of the text was written collectively on the co-ment site and a special effort was made to integrate everybodies contributions. It was released under free art licence. With it, authorisation is given to copy, spread and amend the text in due respect to the authors’ intentions (citizens’ joint for life income).

Nobody in particular represents our citizens’ joint for life income. Each signatory of the call is entitled to be its spokes person.

If you are willing to join the work group, don’t hesitate to contact us. Your contributions are very much appreciated, welcome to you!